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Reel DirtCookie Monster was disappointed with the Oscar OmNomNominations.

Cookie-Monster-Oscar-NomMainly because there was no actual nom-nomming.

Still, this is a wonderful time of year for those who follow the grand and wonderful pastime known as award season. With the Golden Globes hitting right here in the middle of January on the heels of the Oscar nominations being announced, there is much to talk about.

Something I personally find refreshing is that the definition of the “Oscar-caliber” film is being challenged. You think a few decades ago anyone would consider a movie about Batman a contender? Granted, it didn’t get nominated. But it was a contender!!

Baton Rouge is Baton Rouge and, as far as I know, the movie never came to town.[/pullquote]

Anyway, look at the big list of nominees, the nine pictures that got at least 5 percent of the vote (I think Dark Knight Rises got 4.9% of the votes – just a bit outside). On that list, you get the typical Oscar fare to start off. There are the old people full of regret (Amour), the historical biopic (Lincoln [By the way, how do you pronounce that word? Is it bye-OP-ick? Or is it BYE-oh-pic?]), and the one that you think is a simple romantic comedy but they sneak in significant real-world problems that they never mention in the trailer (Silver Linings Playbook). Yeah, they don’t always tell you everything in the previews.

Aside from that, there is a heck of a variety. There are two totally different movies about the CIA. One is search and rescue (Argo) and the other is search and destroy (Zero Dark Thirty).  Both of them are exceptional if for very different reasons.

What I like is the evolution of filmmaking that is easy to see in some of these movies. We know none of these movies would have looked the same if they’d come out 30 or 40 years ago. But how many of them would have essentially the same script and cast?

Life of Pi was a story that easily could have been made decades ago, though you could only achieve the visual brilliance of this production in recent years. Though, if Hollywood had made that movie in the 50s, the main character would be played by a white guy. Am I right?

Les Misérables could have been made long ago as well, though there may have been a little editing. And the production design would have been plain as all get-out. Can you imagine it looking like it was all on location? Musicals back then all had the same sensibility, and this little diamond would have stayed in the rough. Ironically, that means it would have stayed very polished and fake-looking.

Django Unchained, of course, easily could have been made in the 1970s. There are a few scenes that may not have gotten past the MPAA, so there may have been a question of whether it would have been rated R or X. (Yeah, back then it was “˜X’, not NC-17. Withhold corrections on that.)

That leaves us with Beasts of the Southern Wild. Which I haven’t seen, because Baton Rouge is Baton Rouge and, as far as I know, the movie never came to town.

As for my pick, I’m pulling for Beasts of the Southern Wild. I may change my mind after I order it tonight on Amazon. Because why not?

Actually, Lincoln will probably win. I’m sure that’s what the bookies in Vegas are thinking.

I’ll be back later to talk about the actors and the other categories.

For now, I’m James Brown.

And yes, later, I will still be James Brown.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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