Sphincter Spotlight: Terri Donald

Sphincter SpotlightAmerican author Terri Donald is audaciously and unjustifiably suing the greatest screenwriter in our lifetime, claiming he stole the plot of one of her books for his blockbuster movie Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds.

Terri DonaldThat’s right, some upstart who sometimes writes under the nom de plum “TLO Red’ness” has dared besmirch the good name of our modern-day cinematic Shakespeare, Tyler Perry. And he is indeed like ol’ Bill Shakespeare, mainly because he’s just as prolific and his lead female characters are typically played by a man.

In her federal lawsuit filed in Philadelphia last month, Donald claims Perry based his 2012 film on the storyline of her 2007 book Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit. The suit says the author sent a copy of her book to Perry’s company before production on Good Deeds began.

Doesn’t that heifer know that Tyler Perry does not share credit with anybody not named Tyler Perry?

Donald’s obviously just a gold digger trying to get a cut of the whopping $35 million Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds earned at the box office. In her suit, she asks for $225,000 in initial damages, as well as an injunction requiring Perry’s company to add a credit for her book in the opening and closing credits.

tyler_perry-good-deedsOh HELL no! That hussy wants the one and only Tyler Perry – the most awesomely creative genius of our generation – to share credit with her? Doesn’t that heifer know that Tyler Perry does not share credit with anybody not named Tyler Perry?

Even if Tyler Perry did lift the plot from her book – which a creative genius like him would NEVER do – only he could come up with the name Wesley Deeds for his lead character, thus lending itself to the title Good Deeds. That’s a WAY more clever title than Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit.

Furthermore, once Tyler Perry affixes Tyler Perry’s name to something, it’s Tyler Perry’s. That’s a universal law. It could be Tyler Perry’s Law of General Relativity if Tyler Perry wanted to claim it, but Tyler Perry is just showing some love to Albert Einstein.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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