Les Miles Rants About Something

LSU head football coach Les Miles went on another of his epic rants during his regular press conference this week, but LSU officials are still dumbfounded as to what the quirky Miles was ranting about.

“He got very emotional and animated,” said one sportswriter who witnessed the episode. “There was a lot of talk about “˜effort’ and “˜want’ and the “˜reward of victory’ with a couple of F-words thrown in. Then there was a moment of complete silence in the room. And then Miles let out a big “˜YAHOO!’ and walked out.

“All of the media in the room were in shock. We were all looking at each other and wondering, “˜Was it something I said?'”

2012: Coach Les Miles searches for answers as Alabama takes the lead.

“Although we’re still in the process of analyzing  coach Miles’ comments, our first impression is that it was something the media said or wrote, but we’re too early in our study of Les’ words to tell for sure,” said associate Athletic Director Herb Vincent shortly after the press conference.

Fearing that Miles might take the vacant head coach position at Ar-Kansas before the administration could determine what Miles was upset about, LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva moved quickly to offer Miles a $500,000 a year raise.

“I thought 500 Ks might solve the problem, whatever the problem was,” Alleva said, “and I think it did. It seemed to satisfy his want.”

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