Jefferson, Mathieu to High School Students: We Have Made Mistakes and So Can You

Soon after their recent arrests on marijuana charges, two former LSU players began making stops at high schools to speak to students.

Jordan Jefferson, former quarterback, got a jump-start on his court-ordered community service on an unrelated simple battery charge by speaking to students at McKinley High School in Baton Rouge, stressing how making good decisions can help lead to success in their lives.

“Work hard, stay in school, and work for the legalization of marijuana in your state.”

“It was very inspiring. He said he has made mistakes, and so can we,” one student commented.

But afterward, some high school officials began to doubt the wisdom of Jefferson’s speaking engagement when one student asked, “Well, suppose if a person might want to make the kind of mistakes you’re talking about. Just how would a person go about doing that?”

Meanwhile, in Florida, former All-American and 2011 Heisman Trophy finalist Tyrann Mathieu was speaking to Atlantic High School’s football team, advising the players to “work hard, stay in school, and work for the legalization of marijuana in your state.”

The most common questions for Mathieu at Atlantic High were: “Where can I get some high-grade marijuana?” “What are the pros and cons between real and synthetic?” and “Is the high from high-grade marijuana really worth the difference in price?”

Mathieu, who became known as the “Honey Badger” during his playing days at LSU, recently announced his plans to enter the NFL draft and said he hopes to be picked by “the Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, or any other state that has legalized marijuana for recreational use.”

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