Supporters of Stupid Rights crowd the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Jindal Draws Ire of Stupid Rights Groups

Governor Bobby Jindal, riding a wave of national attention from his recent remarks that Republicans needed to stop making “offensive, bizarre comments” and that the GOP had to “stop being the stupid party” has now suffered backlash from members of his own party as a result of those statements.

Stupid rights groups around the country, many of them brandishing signs proclaiming “PROUD TO BE STUPID AND AMERICAN,” have taken to the streets to protest the comments by the Louisiana governor, putting his 2016 presidential hopes in jeopardy.

One such group, known by the acronym IDIOTS (Imbecilic Dumbasses In Opposition To Smartness), issued a statement in which it condemned Jindal’s comments as “the byproduct of the big-minded prejudice often displayed by people with higher IQs than slugs, who look down upon the slugs.”

Tea party groups continued to make it clear that there would be no compromise on the stupid issue.

One member of IDIOTS, Pierre Thibodaux, seemed to personify the feelings of his organization when he said, as he waded in hip boots through the kitchen of his home located on the coast of Louisiana, “Just because I don’t believe in global warming, does that make me stupid?”

Supporters of stupid rights crowd the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Tea party groups continued to make it clear that there would be no compromise on the stupid issue.

“Here is another example of the federal government trying to take away another one of our fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution – the right to be stupid,” one tea party leader remarked.

This is not the first time stupid people have been subjected to ill treatment, as one socialist pointed out: “Stupid people have been looked down upon and made fun of throughout the ages. Even in the medieval ages, the village idiot was the subject of ridicule and scorn.”

“Stupid is oftentimes confused with crazy, and vice versa,” one psychologist noted. “Now, petitioning to secede from the United States, that’s just stupid. But believing that mankind has never walked on the moon, well, that’s plain crazy.”

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