"Go forth and tax wealthy Republicans."

Last-minute Endorsement From God Puts Obama Over the Top

As Mitt Romney gathered momentum in the waning stages of the 2012 presidential election campaign, President Barack Obama desperately needed a boost – and got it when God endorsed the Democratic incumbent on the very morning of the election.

Obama gets the nod from God.

Many political analysts pointed to Obama’s reelection as “the work of the Lord.”

Commented one pundit: “Obviously, only divine intervention could account for the president capturing all those key battleground states like Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa “¦ Who would have guessed that God would break His usual silence on political matters and endorse a particular candidate? None of our computer models predicted it. It was huge.”

“Go forth and tax wealthy Republicans.”

Right-wing conservative Christian groups, many of whom organized huge prayer campaigns to put Romney into the White House, were understandably miffed at the Almighty’s support of America’s first Muslim president despite their petitions.

A spokesperson for one such group, One Nation Under My Religion, shook her head and said, “It makes you wonder if we really are the GOP (God’s Own Party). But it just goes to show that God moves in mysterious ways His woodwork to perform.”

The presidential election wasn’t the first time that the King of Kings rebuffed the Republican Party.

In April 2011, Texas Governor Rick Perry began praying for rain. What followed was four months of the worst drought in Texas history.

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