Guest Column: “Please Take Obama’s Dick Out of Your Mouth, Gov. Christie.” – Gabe Zolna, Freedom Lover

I’m so mad at Governor Chris Christie for cuddling up with that America-hating Barack Obama, I can spit nails! For Christ’s sake, how does Christie expect us to defeat that Kenyan socialist when he’s singing Obama’s praises about helping New Jersey recover from Hurricane Sandy every time there’s a TV camera around?

Christie’s out there saying Obama has been doing an awesome job in the wake of the storm, that “he (that no-good Obama) has worked incredibly closely with me since the storm hit.” Christie even thanked that sad sack of sh-t for his “extraordinary leadership.” I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Then Christie got even mushier, saying Obummer gave him his phone number and they had six phone conversations within like 48 hours.

There should have been just one brief phone call, Gov. Christie, and it should have ended with you telling that half-breed to go f–k himself!

There should have been just one brief phone call, Gov. Christie, and it should have ended with you telling that half-breed to go f–k himself!

But no. Instead, you had to put your African boyfriend on speed dial and sext each other late at night.

And now you’re taking tours with him, looking at the devastation? You’re helping him look like the leader we all know he isn’t!

Even worse, you’re taking money from him!?! You hypocrite! For crying out loud, you were the keynote speaker at the GOP convention where the motto was “We Built That!”

If you need assistance, turn to the private sector! Turn to Mitt! Go take tours of the Jersey Shore with him. Only liberal socialists ask for help from Washington! Government is not the answer to rebuilding NJ!

I mean, it’s bad enough we have that flip-flopping Mormon Romney as a nominee because you didn’t run, Gov. Christie. Now you’re throwing Romney under the bus by sucking Obama’s big Kenyan dick?

You’re a traitor who should be impeached. You’re literally a fair-weather conservative.

Anyone can say they believe in smaller government when their state isn’t covered in seawater. But when their whiney, sniveling citizens are screaming they have no food, water, or power, that’s when we find out who the REAL conservatives are.

You have failed your party! You may think you’re doing the right thing, trying to help your people, but your first obligation is to the Republican Party, sir.

New Jersey is a bright blue state that is going to vote for Obama anyway, so screw those liberal socialists you call constituents. The most important thing is defeating that Kenyan in the White House.

Rush Limbaugh called you “fat” and “fool.” I call you a Muslim lover, an Obama worshipper.

You’ve been riding Obama’s dick so hard, some people are calling you Obama’s BFF. I don’t know what BFF stands for. I guess it means Big Fat Freeloader or Barack’s F–k Friend.

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