YOUR VOICES: Area Kids Suggest Names for ATC’s New Fake-Pot-Sniffing Dog

The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control recently announced it now has a new drug-sniffing dog trained to detect synthetic marijuana.

Commissioner Troy Hebert said the 2-year-old German shepherd from Holland has yet to be named, but Hebert has invited school-age children to suggest names for the canine.

Here are just a few offered by kids from the Baton Rouge area:




“Snitch, the soon-to-be-dead dog.” – LeCharles Dunn, sixth grade




“My dad told me to say Potsie, like the guy on Happy Days, because the dog can see pot. I don’t get it. The dog smells pot.” – Austin Granger, eighth grade



“Billy, like the exterminator. Him and his old lady got caught with that sh-t.” – Octavio Gomez, fourth grade




“Snoop Dogg. It’s free now that he changed his name to Snoop Lion. Lame, bruh.” – Austin Mathers, sixth grade




“Tyrann.” – Jonathan Thomas, seventh grade




“Elvis, cuz Elvis was a NARC.” – Maddie Grisgby, first grade




“Delicious.” – Kim Li, second grade

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