YOUR VOICES: Reaction to Cancellation of Tonight’s Journey Concert in Lafayette

The Journey concert, which was slated to also feature Loverboy and Night Ranger, scheduled for tonight in the Lafayette Cajundome has been cancelled.

Arnel Pineda, lead singer of Journey, is reportedly under doctor’s orders to not perform for the next month due to illness.

While refunds will be honored, fans of the 1980s supergroups are disappointed about the concert’s cancellation. Here’s what they’re saying:



“Holy sh-t! There’s bedlam in hub city! What will we do with all these condoms and Drakaar?” – Kenny LaCroix



“That’s what we get for ULL blowing a 14-point lead to North Texas.” – Jim Boudreaux




“Guess I’ll have to relive my high school glory days and momentarily forget about my pathetically banal life at the karaoke bar.” – Lauren Simoneaux



“Just like the old days, I was going to slip some roofies in high school girls’ daiquiris and fingerbang them in the back of my mom’s station wagon. Guess I can still do that.” – Larry Naquin

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