Sean Payton in happier times, calling plays off of a Shooney's menu. "Run the Big Boy!"

Saints Address Lack of Depth at Head Coaching Position

Last man standing: Aaron Kromer

Offensive line/running game coach Aaron Kromer has been named “interim, interim” head coach for the New Orleans Saints. Kromer replaces interim head coach No. 1 Joe Vitt while Vitt serves a six-game suspension handed down by the NFL. Vitt took over as head coach after the real head coach, Sean Payton, was hit with a yearlong suspension.

Sean Payton in happier times, calling plays off of a Shoney’s menu. “Run the Big Boy!”

Many Saints fans expressed concern over the lack of depth at the head coaching position, prompting owner Tom Benson to conduct a nationwide search for a backup “interim, interim, interim” head coach in the event of the untimely suspension of interim, interim head coach Kromer.

“The position of backup interim, interim, interim head coach was not easy to fill,” Benson remarked. “We needed someone whose integrity was beyond reproach, someone who was lovable and eternally optimistic, someone who could rebuild the tarnished, un-Saintslike image this team has suffered since the bounty scandal. There was only one individual who met all of those requirements.”

Barney the friendly dinosaur: Saints’ salvation or Sean Payton in dino clothing?

“I love you, Who Dat Nation!” giggled Barney the friendly dinosaur after he was introduced as the new backup interim, interim, interim head coach of the New Orleans Saints. “I’m excited about getting a shot at coaching in the “Super-Dee-Duper Dome!”

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