Color-coded Conference

The Tigers mauled the Mean Green 41-14 in their season opener.

In its first game of the season, the LSU football team sloppily disposed of the North Texas Mean Green 41-14.

Next week, the Mean Green will start conference play and begin focusing on its primary goal: winning the Color-coded Athletic Conference championship.

The Color-coded Athletic Conference:
Color us sports.

In the weeks ahead, the Mean Green will face the Rude Red, the Petty Purple, the Selfish Silver, the Grumpy Gray, the Grouchy Gold, the Foul Fuchsia, the Ornery Orange, the Vile Violet, the Bestial Blue, the Obtuse Chartreuse, and the last game of the season matches the Mean Green and its arch rival, the Low-down Brown, a game that always has Color-coded Conference championship implications.

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