TRAFFIPOCALYPSE 2012: EBR Parish School System says students should make it home in time for breakfast.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board announced that most public and private school students who depend on school bus service should be delivered home just before daybreak tomorrow morning.

The slight delay is due to excessive traffic resulting from a morning accident involving a truck carrying a flammable liquid, School Board spokesman Chris Trahan said.

Trahan assured parents that their children will be home in time to grab a quick bite of cereal before rushing off to catch the bus to make it back to school tomorrow morning. If they’re lucky, they may even have time to take a quick shower and change clothes, he added.

“They’ll probably be starving by the time they get home, considering most of them will have polished off their standard-issue emergency rations of Twizzlers and Mountain Dew by 6 p.m. tonight,” Trahan said.

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