The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

America’s got plenty of problems and has made many mistakes, but any political hack can talk about unjustified wars and economic disparity. However, it takes a truly brave “Great American” to state that “one of the greatest mistakes that America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote.”

In a 12-minute sermon recently published on YouTube, tea party activist the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson boldly lamented women’s suffrage, pointing to it as the root cause of this country’s problems. He explained how women’s rise in power is causing the downfall of America.

“We should have never turned [the vote] over to women,” Peterson said. “These women are voting for the wrong people. They’re voting for people who are evil, who agree with them, who are gonna take us down the pathway of destruction.”

A valiant Peterson further proclaimed, “Men in the good old days understood the nature of women; they were not afraid to deal with them.”

Thatcher was so in over her head as British prime minister it wasn’t even funny. Why do you think there was “Anarchy in the U.K.”?

And he’s right. A hundred years ago, “in the good old days,” you didn’t see women challenging man’s God-given authority over the remote control or thermostat. But along came Susan B. Anthony, with her hellish minions and their devilish vaginas, and the next thing you know, American men have become subjugated to the point of being forced to watch Botoxed housewives on TV smacking the crap out of each other, and doing it in a house that’s either 5 degrees too warm or too cool.

Moreover, as a lowly man in a world run by evil-loving women, Peterson showed true courage by daring to state what all men know but are too scared to verbalize: Women shouldn’t be in positions of power because they “freak out” and “go nuts” if confronted with an issue.

Why is it that women not only “can’t handle stress” but “can’t handle anything”? According to the sage Peterson, it’s “because it’s not in their nature. They don’t have love.”

That lack of love in women’s nature would explain another one of Peterson’s astute assertions: “Wherever women are taking over, evil reins.”

Moreover, “Every place where a woman is in control,” Peterson clarified, “you see nothing but confusion.”

He’s absolutely correct! Just look around the world!

Take Europe, for example. So many people think Greece, Spain, and Portugal are at the heart of the economic upheaval there. But insightful people like Peterson know the real source of Europe’s current problems is Germany and its Chancellor Angela Merkel. That dumb blonde is the epitome of a befuddled, female conduit of pure evil and confusion! She’s like a modern-day Margaret Thatcher with a German accent.

And in case you don’t remember, Thatcher was so in over her head as British prime minister it wasn’t even funny. Why do you think there was “Anarchy in the U.K.”?

Then there’s the Middle East. Why do you think it’s been so unstable all these years? That’s right: women.

Middle Eastern women have become so powerful, the place is going to hell in a handbasket. Peterson knows the reason innocent Syrians are getting slaughtered by the hundreds every day in the streets is because women are running the show there.

And before you women-lovers dismiss the right reverend as just some crazy wing nut who’ll say anything to get attention, keep in mind that Peterson is a Fox News regular. In particular, he’s a frequent guest on the Hannity show, often serving as a member of Sean Hannity’s “Great American Panel.”

Furthermore, Hannity sits on the advisory board of Peterson’s conservative group Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), so you know he’s got bona fides.

“BOND has played an instrumental role in helping young men and women build lives which will help inspire the next generation,” Hannity wrote on the BOND website. “BOND continues to fight the good fight standing for the values of God, family, and country, and are deserving of our support.”

Amen, brother Sean! We must support the Rev. Peterson and his heroic efforts through BOND to enlighten American men, tell them to stand up, and not let women ruin this country. That’s a man’s job!

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