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For countless sports radio listeners and callers, as well as a handful of local hosts, the 2012 apocalypse came at the very beginning of the year instead of late December. That’s because, without warning, Clear Channel turned 1210 AM The Score into a gospel station in the wee hours of New Year’s morning.

The huge media conglomerate reportedly switched the station’s format right as the new year was rung in, only nine days from the biggest weekend in Louisiana sports history. And it did it without declaring its intention to do so to any of the hosts who made their living on the airwaves. What a “Christian” way to introduce the new “Hallelujah 1210″ to the Baton Rouge community.

Exactly how many underpowered, static-filled gospel stations does this city need? This latest one makes at least four. What, is the music they broadcast so powerful that if it were broadcast on a 100-kilowatt FM station listeners would be instantly raptured?

…the station was a haven for 50-plus-year-old men devoid of three things: real meaning in their lives, true sports knowledge, and an understanding of how the internet works.

Of course, Clear Channel switched to the gospel format in hopes of making more money. How dumb is that business plan?

First, there’s the aforementioned competition. Secondly, Jesus will return very soon and take all the listeners with Him. Afterward, the rest of us left on Earth will desperately want to distract ourselves from the tribulation. And what better way to forget about war and pestilence than with hearty banter about sports?

More importantly, though, is how Clear Channel’s surprise move will negatively affect those who depended on the station for income, entertainment, and overall mental well-being. For instance, what will midday host Buddy Songy now do for free food? And whom will his listeners call and rant to about LSU sports during their smoke breaks while working at Walmart?

And what about Carl “The Cat”? For Amy Grant’s sake, he’s a bona fide sports call-in show celebrity! He made his name by phoning in to shows on The Score all the time! Without unfettered access to the airwaves in the Capital City, we shudder to think what will become of the guy. For all we know, a delusional “Cat” could be huddled in the corner of a dark room right now, having a “conversation” with Jimmy Ott through an empty Hormel Chili can.

Say what you will about the quality of the sports shows that were on The Score, but they filled a need in Baton Rouge. When it came to discussing local sports, the station was a haven for 50-plus-year-old men devoid of three things: real meaning in their lives, true sports knowledge, and an understanding of how the internet works.

Whoever said variety is the spice of life never listened to Songy’s show. There was absolutely no variety. (Can you say “All LSU All the Time”?) Yet his was the “spiciest” show around, mainly because he uttered the word “spicy” every five minutes.

Sure, there’s still another sports station with a decent wattage on the FM dial in town, but it’s just not the same as The Score. The hosts on that station don’t let callers take up as much airtime as they wish with incoherent rambling.

Damn you, Clear Channel!

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