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Reel Dirt

The truth – and then some. Musings about Hollywood from the Godfather of Droll, James Brown.

Let the Summer Begin!!

Greetings, folks. It's my favorite time of the year. As a movie lover ... Yes, that's MOVIE lover. Not a film nut. There's a big difference between imbibing the world of cinema and swinging down to the local IMAX 3-D.

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And This Time, We Brought The Rock!

The Rock has made appearances in the following movies: "The Mummy Returns"; "Be Cool"; "Fast Five"; and "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island." Notice something about that list? They're all sequels! Not only that, but they're sequels to movies that The Rock wasn't in.

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The Turkey Scores

Here's a guide to all the current releases. Included is a Turkey Score, a rating based solely on the potential for your family's overall enjoyment. The higher the score, the less likely your family will think of you as a disappointment.

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Darth Duck, Anyone?

In case you hadn't heard, on October 30, Disney announced its plan to buy Lucasfilm Ltd. from the man himself, George Lucas. For those of you who don't know, Lucasfilm is the creative house behind Star Wars as well as the Indiana Jones films. I believe it was also the mastermind behind Howard the Duck. That one was Lea Thompson's finest work, let me tell you.

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