Darth Duck, Anyone?

In case you hadn't heard, on October 30, Disney announced its plan to buy Lucasfilm Ltd. from the man himself, George Lucas. For those of you who don't know, Lucasfilm is the creative house behind Star Wars as well as the Indiana Jones films. I believe it was also the mastermind behind Howard the Duck. That one was Lea Thompson's finest work, let me tell you.

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Romney Unveils Details of Tax Plan

Under increasing pressure from the Obama camp to provide specifics for his plan to increase revenues while reducing the deficit, Mitt Romney announced for the first time the details of his plan. In a prepared statement, Romney promised, if elected, to “keep my personal income tax rate above single digits.” While some scoffed at the feasibility of anyone at Romney’s income level lowering his tax rate below double digits, Romney warned, “I’m not bluffing. I still have numerous tax deductions and loopholes at my disposal. All perfectly legitimate, of course. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” The Republican candidate added, “Don’t vote for me, and I join the 47%.” One economic expert hailed the plan, calling it “a wake-up call” that demonstrated that Romney was serious about making “the tough choices” needed to turn the economy around and be elected president. “This would amount to a significant decrease in the deficit …

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