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YOUR VOICES: Andre Moreau Claims He’s “Mr. Baton Rouge.” What Say You?

Former WAFB news anchor Andre Moreau called himself “Mr. Baton Rouge” in a recent interview with The Advocate’s Pam Bordelon. The 58-year-old Moreau, who returned to his hometown in 2008 after leaving in 1994 to work in various out-of-state TV markets, spoke about his newfound love of photography and insisted he’s “the biggest advocate of downtown.”

What do you think about this?

your-voices-black-man-glasses-hat“When did he win a beauty pageant?”

Henry Chandler, librarian



YourVoices-Woman-Parking_Lot“I didn’t think he was homophobic enough to be called ‘Mr. Baton Rouge.'”

Terri Havener, brewmaster


your-voices-bald-man-suit“Nothing says ‘Mr. Baton Rouge’ like a guy who spent 14 years in Ohio, Michigan, and California.”

Martin Blake, Realtor



What Do You Think Of This Shtick?

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