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Lawsuit Prompts New Raising Cane’s Slogan: “Let Us Put Our Fingers in You”

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Rather than continue to fight the estate of the late reggae singer Bob Marley for continued use of the phrase “One Love,” Raising Cane’s executives announced yesterday that the chicken finger restaurant chain is changing its entire marketing campaign to fit its new slogan, “Let Us Put Our Fingers in You.”

“We will begin in earnest to let the world know how much Raising Cane’s wants to put my fingers in you.”

Raising Cane’s founder and CEO Todd Graves said the dramatic shift in branding is designed to avoid a drawn-out legal battle with Marley’s estate, which filed suit in December against the eatery for adopting “One Love” as its trademark. Citing trademark infringement, false accusation, and trademark dilution, the Marley estate seeks compensation for possible damages, attorney’s fees, and whatever profits the chain has made since first using the phrase in 2005.

Todd-Graves-Raising-Canes“While we’d prefer to continue using the ‘One Love’ trademark that has become so synonymous with Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, we’ve decided to make delicious Raising Cane’s lemonade out of litigious lemons by overhauling our entire marketing strategy,” Graves said in a statement released by the company. “Therefore, we will begin in earnest to let the world know how much Raising Cane’s wants to put my fingers in you.”

The release indicates Raising Cane’s customers should soon notice changes in the menu to reflect the restaurant’s new branding. For instance, the popular 3 Finger Combo will go by the name “The Shocker,” while “The Fister” will offer five fingers. And for those with really big appetites, there’s the 10-fingered “Double Fister,” which may sound intimidating and possibly painful, but Graves assures it will be made quite enjoyable with the accompaniment of lots of Cane’s sauce.

Along with its renowned lemonade and sweet tea, Raising Cane’s will begin selling pink lemonade and black cherry tea.

The release also mentions a new ad campaign that will kick off later this summer featuring LSU football coach Les Miles promoting the chain. Leading up to football season, Miles will be present on TV, billboards, radio, internet, and print ads urging people to “Get Fingered at Cane’s.”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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